• Candidates for admission should be applied by their parents or guardians who shall remain responsible for their fees, regular attendance and code of conduct. They must,  provide  the following : –

    (i)  A School Leaving Certificate from a recognized school. The School Leaving Certificate of the students joining from outside Haldwani must be counter – signed by the Education Officer of the State/District in which the previous school is situated.

    (ii)  A certified copy of the marks obtained in the last Examination.

    (iii)  A birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation for admission in Kindergarten.

  • As a rule, no student less than 3 years (as on 31st December) is admitted in nursery class. This limit increases by one year for each successive class. No change of date of birth is entertained.
  • Candidates will be examined in the matter of the class previous to the one they propose to join.
  • On no account, admission can be demanded on merit or by any other right. It is entirely left to the policy and discretion of the management and the Principal.

    (i)  Obtains the percentage prescribed by the school.

    (ii)  His/her conduct is good.

    (iii) Required Certificates have been produced.

    (iv)  Seats are available.

Note: Consideration with regard to admission criteria may be given to outstanding students in sports or extra-curricular skills.