In St Mary’s English School, we recruit only qualified and experienced teachers as per CBSE norms. At NHG, the faculty consists of well-trained, experienced professionals who are the embodiment of the Values taught and an attitude to match. They are  Guide and Mentor. They are the inspirational role models for the students. Their unique teaching styles help concretize the values and creativity in a child, making learning a truly memorable and a happy experience. They are able to spot talent where it is hidden and help it bloom to its full potential. These Gurus are also able to correct weaknesses in their students through subtlety. The growth and success of the students is the prime focus of the faculty. They are also aware of their responsibility to help shape the future world citizen. The school encourages teachers to upgrade their skills and knowledge by pursuing higher avenues of training where new and innovative methodologies can be learnt. Training programmes and workshops are organized on a regular basis.