The St Mary’s  English School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) – has been formed for the purpose of integrating the harmonious development of our students both at home and at school. The role of the PTA is to promote mutual cooperation and understanding between Parent and teachers of the School.

The PTA confines its activities to the objects of the Association which are expected to be in consonance with those of the School. Parent participate in specific activities of the PTA on a voluntary basis.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) give Parent and students an opportunity to interact, provide feedback and exchange ideas with School management. The School encourages Parent to be involved in the social and emotional development of their child. The focus lies in developing Parent as critical partners, who actively contribute to the effective functioning of the School.

To bridge the gap between Parent and School for the purpose of betterment of our pupils we have a parent-teacher body.

Representative Parent is elected from every class.

Meetings are arranged frequently to discuss various aspects, different issues and newer techniques involved in the interest to bring out the best in our wards.

Supporting the school’s various activities and initiatives e.g. organizing social events for students.